Specialists in cleaning of industrial roofing, vertical cladding, guttering, roof lights, flooring, driveways and car parks.

For large industrial & commercial contracts we work throughout the UK.

Our aim is to help you to have premises which are well maintained, a safe working environment, and will make a great first impression with your customers.

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We specialise in:

  • Industrial and commercial roof cleaning
  • Industrial and commercial vertical wall cladding cleaning
  • Industrial and commercial gutter cleaning
  • Industrial and commercial roof light cleaning
  • Industrial and commercial floor cleaning
  • Industrial and commercial pressure washing of driveways/car parks
  • Installation and replacement of roof lights
  • Sealing of all fixings on metal roofs
  • Repairs to end laps and side laps of all metal sheets
  • Repairs to tiles and slates, pointing, chimney repairs, guttering and downspout cleaning and repairs


img industrial 2Whilst cleaning your roof we can also check your guttering and undertake any necessary repairs such as sealing and coating any gutter joints, and replacing any damaged guttering.

Regular gutter cleaning will reduce the risk of damage to your premises and its contents. Gutters blocked with debris do not flow freely and will eventually become blocked completely causing water to overflow. This can in turn result in water damage to your premises both externally and internally. In order to protect your premises and its contents we highly recommend regular gutter cleaning and maintenance to be carried out annually.

We are happy to offer yearly contracts for building cleaning and maintenance. Contact us for a quote on 01438 814674, or 01462 429729.